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August 20, 2007

I've found some nice responses to conversations I've had recently that are probably worth checking out.

First, and most importantly, Soundwave: The Touch, the story behind Soundwave's omission from the recent Transformers movie.

Thanks to Nima Yousefi for the link to this amazing work of art.

Meanwhile, over at InmanTV, I did a brief interview on blogging as part of their recent Bloggers Connect conference. And finally, some notes from a conversation about journalists and blogging, courtesy of Lisa Takeuchi Cullen.

The information in those final two links is pretty good, but really I just wanted to link to the video of Soundwave.

Proof that cassingles really were evil

August 17, 2007

My fellow nerds, the moment we've waited more than two decades for has apparently arrived.


Soundwave has arrived. He really transforms. And he really plays music.