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Video Makes It Real

March 13, 2008

After all of the fun with the Snoop Dogg video a little while back, I figured I'd include some videos that are a bit closer to home, both from this past weekend's SXSW interactive festival.

First, Rocketboom captured the Battledecks competition, where I was thrilled to have shared the stage with a number of really funny people in trying to improvise a presentation in front of slides we'd never seen before.

Then, the following day, Mike Pusateri recorded a time lapse of the kickball game.

I especially love the taco break there in the middle, when everyone runs to go eat breakfast tacos. Yum!

KICKless in Austin

March 10, 2006

In the same week I missed Etech for the first time in years, I should also mention that I'm not going to be in Austin for South by Southwest for the first time this millennium. My apologies to everyone who I'd hoped to see, but the combination of having been fighting off a persistent cold and being pretty busy at work means that I can't make it to Texas this year. And yeah, that means no KICK!

Sorry to everyone who's disappointed, and have fun at the panels and parties. Make sure to enjoy the Boiling Pot on my behalf.